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Broken Spring Replacement In Reston Va Glade Garage Doors

Torque Master Conversion to Torsion Springs

If you own a Wayne Dalton Garage Door, you most likely have a torque master spring installed with it. The torque master spring system is the kind of spring that’s enclosed in a small long tube above the garage door and it houses the spring. The torque master is beneficial in the sense that the home owner and his property is protected when the spring breaks.

Majority of garage door companies tend to convert torque master springs to torsion springs either because the parts are not readily available like the torsion spring or it’s more expensive for them to install a torsion spring system.

Replacing a broken torque master can be a bit tricky. It’s not recommended for a home owner to try doing it on their own, it’s best to consult a professional garage door Company with many years of experience in dealing with this kinds of issues.

Firstly, it’s important to make sure that the tension on the broken has been removed before beginning the replacement process. You do that by using a 7/16″ impact to loosen the tension screw until the dial goes down to zero. After that is completed, take down the torque master tube with all the screws and start assembling your torsion spring system.

A torsion system conversion kit comprises of a torsion spring, two cables, two cable drums, two end plates, one center plate, nylon or steel bearing and a torsion tube. After assembly is done, the appropriate amount of tension has to be applied to the torsion springs while the door is firmly seated on the floor, this tension is what is responsible for lifting the weight of garage door.

When the garage door spring doesn’t have enough tension, the door will become too heavy to lift and may damage the garage door opener. If the garage door has more tension that is needed, it could cause the door to lift up faster than usual, which may throw the garage door offtrack and cause damage to door or person operating it. For more information about which spring system will work best with your garage door, please contact our Garage Door Repair Reston VA Company today.

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